Owen Collective is the inspired collaboration of Michael Owen and Audrey Snow, commercial photographers based in Southwest Florida.

From beautifully-styled food to portraits and editorials, to cozy or grand interiors, we create the photography that will elevate your brand.  Engaging images for print, website and social media.


We have enjoyed working with some of the country's top chefs, in both catering and restaurant settings.  Foodies at heart, we do your recipes justice.  


From environmental head shots to high fashion editorials, we are "good with people".  


We love the way our favorite designers pull a room together to create surprising, yet carefully curated spaces.  We find much inspiration for our own lives in their talent and in our travels.

Exquisite Home Interiors

We are photographers for interior designers.  With a lifelong love of great design and inviting spaces, we know how to capture the essence of a thoughtfully designed space.


Clean classic style

Many of the designers we work with are known for their clean, classic, understated elegance.  We too have a clean and classic look to our photography that blends seamlessly with such graceful environments.



A special vignette can say as much as a whole room.  We don't miss a chance to focus on the fine details. 



That feeling when you walk into a well designed space, the contentment you enjoy when allowed to linger there...  We capture that feeling.  We share it in our images of your designs and give that experience to your prospective clients.

When yours is a place to discover, a place they will tell their friends about...

You need photos that will draw them in and give them something to look forward to.


Restaurants to get excited about

Great restaurants are local treasures.  We understand their value to a community and their power to shape the impression of a city.  


The great room

Our favorite place to sit at a restaurant is the one that gives us the best view of the whole space.  A chance to enjoy the architecture, the design, the people watching.  


the tablescape

Like with other interior design work, much thought goes into the fine details and our coverage of your space will always include these elements. 

We see your culinary creations as you do- edible works of art.

It's almost too pretty to eat...  but too delicious not to.  The least we can do is take a picture to make it last.


we highlight texture, color, and delicate details.

You don't just make delicious food, you create artistic statements, paying ever so much attention to presentation.  We appreciate that extra step and show off your artistic side along with the mouth watering appeal of the dishes we photograph.  We also love to photograph the action and process of beautiful ingredients coming together. 


A picture of you...

We create personable head shots and compelling editorial photos for models and designers alike.  You might call us "people people".


Owen Collective offers commercial photography to Naples, FL and Fort Myers, FL.  To see more of our Naples commercial photography please take a stroll through our galleries in the upper right hand corner of the screen.  There you will find galleries of Naples head shots, Naples food photography, and Naples interior design photography.  Commercial photographers with a luxury lifestyle signature look, we are passionate about making your brand stand out through visual content for today's image driven markets.  

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